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Swimming is a sport that needs a great deal of parent involvement. Coaches are the only paid employees of the swim team; every other worker provides their time freely to support the team. 

Assistance from parents is required at both home and away meets and each swim meet is divided into two halves. Every service hour position switches at the halfway point so there are numerous opportunities to help out at each meet and a parent does not need to serve the entire meet to get credit. No experience is necessary for most of the roles and parents will get an opportunity to get hands on experience at the Mock Meet.

Job descriptions and responsibilities can be found on the Parent Service Hours page on the website or on the JSL website ( under the Documentation tab in the Procedures Manual Section III). If you have any questions or concerns regarding parent service hours signups, please email us at

LMST requires that each family with one swimmer must serve three half-meet sessions during the regular season. Families with two or more swimmers must serve five half-meet sessions.   You will be contacted if you do not sign up for the required number of shifts.  If you have any questions or issues with these requirements, please email our Parent Service Hours Coordinator, Brittany Shields at

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