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2020 LMST Swim Suits

We will be using the same team suits for 2020 that were used in 2019.

The LMST Swimsuit can be purchased in three different ways:

1. Online through the LMST webpage that Freestyle set up for our team:

2. At the Freestyle store in Charlottesville (475 Westfield Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901).

3. At the Mock Meet on Wednesday, June 3rd from 5-7pm – there will be a Freestyle rep with a table set up selling the team suits, as well as goggles, bags, swim caps and other swimming items.

The suits are TYR Miramax in blue/black marbled. The girls’ one-piece suits cost $57.99 plus tax. The boys’ jammers cost $39.99 plus tax. LMST does not require swimmers to purchase the team suits but they are nice to have for swimmers to wear to meets.